The Last Days Of Summer

by e.a. sprague

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a short, DIY record, made in a month an a half in a cottage in upstate ny. all songs were written between july and november of 2012 by emily sprague, and every sound was created, recorded, mixed, and mastered by emily sprague.


released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


e.a. sprague Albany, New York

flowers in space


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Track Name: The Last Days Of Summer
through all the ages and the histories that we told
i've got nothing to give and you've got nothing to hold on to
they'll remember us like a diamond cut with stones
and in another life i know i'll get to hold you again

it's just a cycle, a machine, a great conveyor belt
twisting our bloodied hearts and fingers waiting to care about
one another like we should and like we will

that was when i said goodbye to my love
that was when i said goodbye to my love

it was something like a slowdown train or even number
it was something like the final days of summer
Track Name: "i love you everywhere"
i was a falling star that landed upon your wing
your feathers grew around my eyes
and told me to tell you certain things
like "i love you", but i know you want
to hear another kind of phrase
and even though i'm gone, i'm not going away
and i hope you still love me the same
as you did when we
were fresh as spring
and nothing could keep our hearts away

i have got a letter signed your name
i have got the proof we felt the same

"i love you, everywhere", you said to me
"I love you, everywhere" but i guess some things have changed
Track Name: Old Soul
i was an old soul in my mind and in my heart
building walls as each one crumbled apart
but now i'm an ancient kind of hero
the kind that no one wants to read or write about

even when my eyes were closed i wasn't dreaming

i am an architect of my heart
with building plans that scrape the sky and wanted to be apart of my whole lie
like you remember in the park that afternoon
when i thought it was blooming i was actually, actually just doomed

even when my eyes were closed i wasn't dreaming
even when my eyes were dry i wanted to by crying

i was lost
you were my only disguise against
disguise against the outskirts of our minds
rosebuds and flowers in your eyes
we'll get along to die
get along to die
we'll get alone to die

you'll be my lover until i die

we will be lovers until we die
Track Name: We're Going To Die
i have a ghost that's made of plastic
we talk about the wind and old schematics
and i have an eye outside my window
motion sensitivity controls my freedom

i just want you to take
i just want you to take advantage of me

i'm not innocent, but i'm the same

i have a way to fix my television
but i haven't got the old sophistication like
you do

i just want you to take, i just want you to take advantage of my
i'm not innocent
but i'm the same

we're going to die
we're going to die
we're going to die
we're going to die
Track Name: In The Trees
through the park, a frequent walk with my lover
now that's gone but i still have a mother

through my arms you wrapped your legs around me
i have all the things i know beside me
in the trees

through your eyes i saw a greater picture
we would never make it to the winter
even though i know we should
even though i prayed we would

i was known as the other half of you

through my dreams the woodgrain seams and memories
with my t shirts in your chest, it was meant to be
in the trees

in the hands of the trees
Track Name: Strawberry Sun
even though i don't know where you are
i am waiting for you

even though i don't know who you are
i still think i love you

even though you thought i was a different kind
you still managed to break my heart a million times